A lot can be absorbed in the recesses of our minds and can affect our well being. Our emotions affect our internal organs and visa versa so, if something is not working right or we are dealing with something emotionally, we will have symptoms to help us understand the imbalance. If the imbalance is not understood correctly or not dealt with properly, it will be repressed in the body as an ailment, however minute.
One of the most misunderstood processes we as a culture do not emphasize is loss. We go beyond the extreme to learn how to obtain things that we lose the balance of understanding how to deal with our losses. Many experiences we don’t realize effect us as grief of loss other than death such as: divorce, moving, loss of or new job, getting married, graduating, physical limitations/sickness, moving and more. Trained in Grief Recovery, Kathie will help you to manage your pain and help you move through your losses so, that you can free your mind and body to be well.

* 1 1/2 Hour Intake Session
* 1 Hour Followup Session
* Group Session held biannually


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